Court officers deport 800 foreigners from Sverdlovsk Region in 2013

27 March 2014 (11:31)

March 27, 2014. In 2013, the court officers of Sverdlovsk Region received 833 court warrants relating to transfer of foreign residents and apatrides to special establishments for people detained for administrative offenses and their deportation from the constituency, the press service of Sverdlovsk Region Service of Court Officers reports.

Court officers instituted 863 enforcement proceedings relating to deportation, and 792 foreign residents were actually deported as of January 1, 2014.

'What makes the process difficult is that these foreigners do not have any ID, so no tickets can be purchased for them. Sverdlovsk Region court officers directed 115 applications for documents to the authorities in January through December 2013, but only 70 illegal immigrants were issued the documents in question. It should be noted that this has to do with the fact that countries whose citizens get deported most do not operate their consulates in Sverdlovsk Region,' the press service says.

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