Sverdlovsk Region deports 1,300 illegal immigrants in 2014

21 January 2015 (14:12)

January 21, 2015. In 2013, the number of illegal immigrants who had to be deported from Sverdlovsk Region stood at 700. In 2014, it was 1,300.

‘Deportation of illegal immigrants is fully and wholly the responsibility of the Federal Service of Court Officers. According to the Federal Migration Service, over 200 people entered Russia through customs and passport controls last year, and clearly not all of them went to register with the immigration authorities,’ says Sverdlovsk Region’s Chief Officer of Court Sergey Shchebekin.

According to Shchebekin, a new law is expected to decrease the number of illegal immigrants: under the new legislation, an illegal immigrant who gets deported from Russia won’t be able to re-enter the country for three to ten years.

‘This will both reduce the number of illegal immigrants in the country and save budget funds: 8m RUR were spent in 2014 alone to get all the illegal immigrants deported from Sverdlovsk Region,’ the official said.

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