Over 25,000 Sverdlovsk Region residents can't travel abroad because of debts

15 August 2013 (12:58)

August 15, 2013. Court officers imposed temporary limitations on foreign travel for 24,320 Sverdlovsk Region residents.

The spokesperson for the local division of Russia's Federal Service of Court Officers reports that about a third of those with travel restrictions are people who don't pay their children's allowance (7,959 people). Their debts total to 1,607,982,000 RUR.

The accumulated debt of all the local residents who had travel restrictions imposed on them reached over 12bn RUR on August 14, 2013. So far, only 735 Sverdlovsk Region residents have paid off their debts. Court officers made them pay 191.5m RUR.

All in all, 2,699 non-paying debtors have been placed on the national 'wanted' list by court officers since the beginning of the year. The location of 715 people out of this list was determined in seven months of the year.

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