Uralvagonzavod’s three new carriage makes get compliance certificates

18 March 2014 (09:37)

March 18, 2014. The three new makes of freight carriages made by Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation got compliance certificates from the Federal Railway Transport Certification Register, the corporation’s press service says.

‘The first make is the gondola car 12-196-02 with the bogie 18-194-1 that can handle up to 25 tf. It differs from the mass-produced gondola car 12-196-01 in that its body has been increased from 88m3 to 94m3.

The second one is the oil tank 15-5157-02 with the bogie 18-100 that can handle up to 23.5 tf. The new make will replace the mass-produced the current tanks 15-150-04 and 15-5103-07. The advantage of the new tank lies in its decreased tare weight, which means its freight capacity has been enhanced from 66 to 68 tons. The full barrel volume for the 15-5157-02 make is increased from 85.6m3 to 87m3.

The third make is the oil tank 15-5157-04 with the bogie 18-194-1 that can handle up to 25 tf. This is Russia and the CIS’ first certified tank with enhanced axle load and time between repairs. Its freight capacity is 73 tons, which is 6 to 7 tons more than with any of its existing counterparts,’ the company states.

Under the decisions of the 57th meeting of the Railway Transport Council of Rolling Stock Administrations Committee in Tikhvin on March 4-6, the oil tanks 15-5157-02 and 15-5157-04 and gondola car 12-196-02 were entered in the reference book called Freight Carriage Makes.

Russian transportation companies can now purchase gondola cars 12-196-02 and tanks 15-5157-04 on bogies 18-194-1 with the capacity of 25 tf with the help of subsidies from the federal budget in accordance with the Russian Federation Government Decree 41 as of January 20, 2014.

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