PNTZ to sponsor cinemap of Pervouralsk

October 18, 2013. Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (PNTZ, a member of ChTPZ Group), is going to support the development of the city cinemap. The City Code Project is now being implemented within the framework of a partnership with Russia's Culture Ministry on the construction of a New Culture Palace, the enterprise's press service reports. The cinemap will comprise over a hundred different video clips created by ten residents of Yekaterinburg and Pervouralsk.

According to the project coordinator Anna Selyanina, the plot elements of the cinemap were prepared during the first five-day working session.

'We saw very different faces of Pervouralsk, and they were all very beautiful. For one, Irina Obukhova's touching sketch on Dinas, an industrial part of the town: it's a cinematographic portrait of the place that makes you live there, work there, and bring up your children there. We met plenty of kind, responsive people in Pervouralsk, this was amazing,' Selyanina says.

The cinemap creators will keep working on the project for the next 1.5 months. The second working session on the cinemap development will take place on November 8-13, 2013.

'ChTPZ Group provided us with a room in the company education center. This is a beautiful room with a great sound that is fitted with modern office appliances and offers an incredible degree of smart working space organization that no other place in Russia I have seen actually matches. The room itself helps us to keep up with the high standards we set. One of the things the cinemap is supposed to result in is the 30-minute video on Pervouralsk: the Urals' first city to get the New Culture Palace. The video will comprise the most interesting episodes by different authors,' says City Code coordinator and New Culture Palace project manager Alissa Prudnikova.

The video will premier in Pervouralsk on December 1 and in Yekaterinburg on December 2.

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