PNTZ Palace of Culture hosts 3d creative session of Science Art Lab

November 29, 2013. Students of ChTPZ Group's company education program called 'The Future of White Metallurgy' attended a series of lectures on modern technological art; this was part of the third session of Science Art Lab. The project is being implemented by Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (PNTZ, a member enterprise of ChTPZ Group) in cooperation with Pervouralsk Palace of New Culture and with some support from the Russian Ministry of Culture, ChTPZ Group's press service says.

Professor Dmitri Bulatov, the leading expert of Baltic Federal University's Innovations Park in Kaliningrad, gave lectures on art objects that were recently created by artists with the use of the newest technologies of the 21st century such as artificial life, robots, IT, and biomedicine.

'My lectures draw the students' attention to issues relating to cultural interpretation and artistic conceptualization of scientific achievements and explain the connection between science and art. I know that some of these students are seriously into mechatronics and robotics. Well, ChTPZ Education Center is the best place to train in this areas in Russia. I am glad to know this. I actually feel that robotics is an art,' Bulatov says.

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