Extra land allotments allocated to build road junction in Amundsen-Onufriev St

December 18, 2013. Members of Yekaterinburg Land Committee decided in the course of their meeting to allocate extra land allotments to build a new road junction at the intersection of Amundsen St and Onufriev St, Yekaterinburg Council’s press service reports.

‘The construction of the junction with an overhead road in Amundsen St and Onufriev St will only begin if financing is provided from the region’s budget. We are fully aware of the significance of this junction and understand that this project cannot be halted. At the moment, the project documentation is nearly ready, and it will undergo an expert examination in the nearest future,’ says the city council’s urban development committee.

The project documentation was edited in terms of how the left turns would be organized: the improved scheme would minimize the amount of traffic under the overhead road and introduce a new, no-traffic-light right turn from Amundsen St onto the Orbital motorway (on the Academic District side). These changes brought about the need to allocate more land allotments.

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