Yekaterinburg to Get New Road in Shamanov St

7 July 2011 (10:26)

Deputy Mayor of Yekaterinburg for Capital Construction & Land Use Vladimir Kritsky chaired a meeting on the road construction in Yekaterinburg in 2011, the spokesperson for the city council reports.

The most important project under discussion was the junction next to Moskovskaya Gorka, which was started in 2010. This year, the junction is expected to be fully completed and launched alongside two driveways. One of the driveways is meant for the drivers to go down from Moskovskaya St to Posadskaya St and the other one is meant for the drivers to go up the highway from Bolshakov St.

According to Chairman of Yekaterinburg City Council Construction Committee Anton Shafarostov, most of the construction jobs will have been finished by the City Day this summer.

By this time, the new highway across Novomoskovsky tract next to Metro and MEGA hypermarkets will also be finished, so the cars going from the city center to the shopping malls will be able to cross the tract via a newly built iron and concrete bridge. This will relieve the traffic in MEGA driveway next to Novomoskovsky tract. In the future, this highway is supposed to become a part of a large junction.

By mid-September, Radischev St will be fully restored. In fact, the new opening of this important street (which is seven meters wide and nearly nine hundred meters long) will also relieve the traffic downtown.

Now a lot of transportation infrastructure work is also carried out in Yekaterinburg’s Academic district. For one, a new road will have been completed in Shamanov St by City Day. This road is to serve as the main driveway to the new school that will open this year. Krasnolesye St in Amundsen St and Chkalov St area will also be restored. According to the municipal enterprise responsible for the capital construction, the renovated strip comes to 1.89 km.

Before the reconstruction began, Krasnolesye St was a two-way street with one lane in each direction, but now the municipal authorities decided to have the road expanded to three lanes in each directions, with each lane coming to 10.5 meters. The jobs will be finished in November.

This means that Yekaterinburg will get plenty of both renovated and new road networks by the end of the year.

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