First launch system complete at Akademicheskaya Power Station

12 December 2013 (09:31)

December 12, 2013. The construction of the first launch system at Akademicheskaya Power Station in Yekaterinburg is now complete. This system will provide the city’s central heating system with a new unit with the capacity of 120 gigacalories per hour, TGK-9’s press service reports.

The boiler house underwent all the tests and trials successfully. The facility produced 7,500 gigacalories in the test mode, and the official launch will take place before the end of the year. The new unit will ensure the necessary hydraulic controls, will enhance the reliability of heat supply in the south-western part of Yekaterinburg, and will provide heating to the new residential areas, first and foremost – the fast-growing Academic District.

‘The facility is automated to a very great extent and is fitted with up-to-date equipment. For one, the boiler house is fitted with filters with a built-in gravity towing system and the delayed-action decontamination mechanism. The boiler’s automation system is based on the micro-processing units. The motor-operated valves and mechanisms can be controlled remotely, and the system parameters are controlled thermotechnically. The data are gathered and transferred onto the operation control stations of the heating network,’ the company’s press service says.

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