Omsktransmash replaces and repairs utility systems

30 October 2014 (16:25)

October 30, 2014. Omsktransmash (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) is preparing for the heating season and thus replaced over 800 m of pipes in the heating supply system.

According to Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s press service, the company prepared for winter both with the help of its own resources and with that of ten contractors. The most labor-intensive and costly jobs were carried out at substation RP 6, where the automatic circuit breakers were fully replaced with the new, Electroshchit ones, and at the plant’s primary boiler house.

Omsktransmash Deputy Chief Engineer Andrei Alekseyev says there are three 100 gigacalories/hour and three 50 gigacalories/hour boilers in the boiler department, and two of them got switched to natural gas in 1999.

‘We are now working on the repairs of the third boiler: it was given an overhaul, with pipe replacement and brickwork and diagnostic procedures. The boiler underwent hydraulic tests and was accepted by Rostechnadzor. Repairing our KVGM-100 2 boiler and converting it from heating oil to natural gas will provide the enterprise with a reserve of heating energy and will reduce atmospheric emissions.’

Not only the heating but also the ventilation and the fume hoods had to be repaired: just like people, equipment needs a certain microclimate, and some of it can only operate within a certain temperature range.

‘All the jobs relating to replacement, repair, and assembly of utility systems at Omsktransmash are nearly complete. The Chief Energy Engineer Department’s team are already preparing for the next heating season, with a focus on the launch of energy efficient technologies that will help company save a noticeable amount of resources as soon as in 2015 and 2016,’ the company’s press service says.

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