Renova-StroyGroup goes green

4 March 2011 (09:29)

Renova-StroyGroup Akademicheskoye’s technical solutions committee considered a number of innovational solutions on energy-saving and green technologies recently.

Among the solutions are the new boiler house making technologies that make it possible to manufacture a boiler with the capacity of 200 gigacalories an hour, which output can be extended to 500 gigacalories an hour. The boiler will be put up in Amundsen St to ensure heating for both Academic district and the other areas in the south-west of Yekaterinburg.

The new technologies are expected to raise the boiler house productivity by 15% and to cut the atmospheric emissions greatly, although the boiling facility does not emit much as it is. The nitric oxides emissions are also supposed to go down 80%; modern fiberglass pipes will also be provided to remove the smoke gasses.

The electronic equipment of the future boiler house also sounds very impressive. Its operation is fully automated, with data on the performance of all the systems at work displayed on a user-friendly interface screen. The ‘intelligent’ servoactuators will provide for the best fuel/air ratio in the gas burners.

A number of other innovational solutions is provided for, to make sure the electric power spending goes down 30% against its counterparts.

The designers also thought about making the new facility look nice. The high tech design is nothing like the stereotypical look of a boiler house. What’s more, the high tech solutions will also make it easier to assemble machinery inside and will therefore speed up the whole construction process.

All in all, the new boiler house is probably a facility yet unique to Russia. Provided Renova’s technical solutions committee approves of the project, RSG Engineering Infrastructure will consider implementing it in Academic district in Yekaterinburg.

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