HeadHunter: 13% of Yekaterinburg businesses to offer employees pay raise in 2015

19 February 2015 (13:11)

February 19, 2015. 13% of Yekaterinburg businesses are planning to offer their employees a pay raise this year, HeadHunter’s research team states.

Under 5% of companies intend to reduce their workers’ pay, and 45% expect their staff salaries to remain unchanged. However, even those employers that do plan on pay raises are only prepared for this raise to be under 10%. Quite a few companies (36%) say they haven’t made up their minds yet and will have to play it by ear.

Interestingly, middle-level managers are the ones at risk as far as a pay decrease is concerned: if a business does go through with pay cuts, they will be the first target. The top managers’ salaries are expected to remain the same, and grassroots employees are the ones who can hope for a raise.

As for bonuses, a lot of companies explain they will have to see how everything goes. Only 2% of employers say they are going to increase their bonus amounts, and about a third are planning to keep their bonus policy the same. However, over 50% of businesses either have no bonus system at all or are planning to give up on it soon.

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