ChTZ completes start-up & commissioning of metal-processing unit from Europe

5 November 2013 (10:47)

November 5, 2013. The assembly and start-up and commissioning jobs for the multi-purpose unit produced by the Swiss-German StarragHeckert AG have been completed at Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant (ChTZ, a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation), the corporation’s press service reports.

The hi tech HEC-500 unit meant for processing engine parts is ready to be launched, experts from the manufacturing plant’s Moscow representation say. They are to supervise the launch of the second such metal-processing unit in early November.

‘Two units will replace the fleet of mills of an entire section. StarragHeckert HEC-500 is an efficient, productive, all-purpose facility that can be used to make several kinds of products. You just have to feed a billet into it to get a spare part that underwent complete mechanical treatment. It only requires two people to service it – an operator and an adjuster, and the unit will operate 24/7,’ says Deputy Director for Advanced Technologies Dmitri Dergalev.

The use of modern equipment will mean the company will be able to cut on its expense and improve its engine production process.

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