Sverdlovsk Region Government shapes development budget

24 October 2013 (09:05)

October 24, 2013. According to Sverdlovsk Region Prime Minister Denis Pasler, a whole range of state-run programs was adopted for the constituency, with retained or increased last year’s budgets.

‘All the items relating to social welfare that we have to provide in accordance with the President’s decrees and the Governor’s requests got to stay on the list. We also voted for keeping the items to do with the area development in the future: these are budget items relating to the Construction Ministry, the Communal Housing Services & Utilities Department, the Agriculture & Foods Ministry, the Ministry for Industry, and our road-building funds. These are the key development areas that have a direct impact on the condition of our roads, the construction of kindergartens, food security and quality of goods as well as industrial development,’ Pasler said.

The region’s Prime Minister said 11 pilot projects on the modernization of municipal communal housing services system were now being implemented in towns that were singled out as the most troubled. These are locations like Verkhoturye, Nizhniy Tagil’s Prigorodny District, Beloyarsky, Kamensky, and a number of others. 1.5bn RUR have been directed for the purpose.

The financing was also cut for some projects. For one, Sverdlovsk Region Government and the Governor Administration maintenance expenses went down by 10%.

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