Over 136m RUR Directed to Engineering Infrastructure Reconstruction in Sverdlovsk Region This Year

6 December 2012 (09:34)

December 6, 2012. This year, seven investment projects on reconstructing and building the local engineering infrastructure are being implemented in Sverdlovsk Region. 136.85m RUR has been allocated from the regional budget to finance the local cities’ work on this, Sverdlovsk Region Government’s Press Service & Information Administration refers to deputy minister Andrei Kislitsin as saying today.

Now starting July 2012, such projects became a part of the regional multi-purpose communal housing services system modernization and development program; the program aims to help the local cities and towns solve the tasks related to improvements in the communal housing services department and to enhancing the quality of the communal housing services provided to end users. Improving on the energy efficiency of the heat, water, natural gas, and electric power supply systems is no less important.

A 12-megawatt boiler plant at Verkhneye Dubrovo has been fully completed by now; the sewage filtering facilities in Druzhinino are nearly finished, and the construction of a boiler facility in Verkhoturye is still under way, as are the installation of a new water-disinfecting system in Asbest, the construction of a water supply system in the new part of Karpinsk, and the construction of the sewage filtering facilities in Vostochny. Also, some borrowed funds have been used to put up the filtering facilities in Revda.

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