Over 30,000 Sverdlovsk Region dwellers can't travel abroad

October 15, 2013. At the moment, 30,231 residents of Sverdlovsk Region can't leave the country because of their debts. Their total debt from all sorts of court enforcement proceedings accumulates to nearly 15bn RUR, Sverdlovsk Region division of the Federal Service of Court Officers reports.

More than 9,000 people out of the total number of those who can't travel abroad owe money on their children's allowance; they owe their children a total of 1,862,896,000 RUR.

Since the beginning of the year, 982 debtors have paid off 261.828m RUR worth of their debts because they needed to go abroad. This included 45 parents who paid their children's allowance – a total of 2.982m RUR.

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