Over 22,000 Sverdlovsk Region residents won’t be able to travel abroad due to debts

29 July 2014 (10:22)

July 29, 2014. 22,261 people living in Sverdlovsk Region are currently not allowed to leave the Russian Federation because of debts, Sverdlovsk Region division of the Federal Service of Court Officers’ press service reports.

As of July 21, 2014, the total amount of debt owed by local residents whose traveling opportunities have thus been limited exceeded 13bn RUR. The better part of such debtors is made up of parents who failed to pay their children’s allowances (3,813 people with consolidated debt of 1,430,808,000 RUR worth of debt); then there are those with unpaid criminal fines (2,594 people); their debt amounts to 162,620,000 RUR all in all.

According to the press service, the imposed enforcement measure has already resulted in 765 completed enforcement proceedings, and the amount of paid debts came to more than 46m RUR.

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