Over 20,000 Sverdlovsk Region residents can’t go abroad because of debts

4 July 2013 (09:15)

July 4, 2013. Sverdlovsk Region division of the Federal Service of Court Officers declared 21,176 local residents travel-banned, as they owe a total of 11.519bn RUR to private individuals and/or organizations. All in all, the local residents have 39.373bn RUR worth of debts that are now being processed by the Service, its website states.

The bans on going abroad made 609 locals pay their debts – these amounted to 178.2m RUR, the Service reports.

A lot of these debtors are people who don’t pay their children’s alimony: these come to 7,718 people out of all those debtors who have been restricted to travel abroad. Their total debt reaches 1.553bn RUR.

The Service says that a special information service called Enforcement Proceedings Data Bank lets every resident of Sverdlovsk Region easily access information on their debts and enforcement proceedings involving them. The debt can be paid off through many payment systems, e-banking services, and e-money systems.

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