Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant congratulates long-service employees on Senior Citizen’s Day

2 October 2013 (09:23)

October 2, 2013. A concert for the long-service employees of Pervorualsk New Pipe Plant (a member of ChTPZ Group) was given at the plant’s Palace of Culture in celebration of Senior Citizen’s Day, the plant’s press service reports.

According to the press service, the enterprise usually makes every effort to show their care for the elderly. The plant’s social benefits package applies to over 12,000 long-service employees, which is comparable with the actual number of current workers. The company’s Collective Agreement provides for various kinds of support such as co-financing of medical expenses (including costly surgery), social workers’ fees for taking care of disabled patients, and subsidies.

‘We always feel how grateful the stockholders and the plant management are for the contribution we made to the history of the plant. This year, our organization was allocated 15m RUR, and this sum increases every year,’ says Chairman of the plant’s Long Service Employee Council Vassily Naklyutsky.

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