Uralgidromed helps clean up shore of pond in Polevskoy

28 August 2013 (09:22)

August 28, 2013. Uralgidromed workers took part in a clean-up day on August 24 and cleared the shore of Shtangoviy Pond in Polevskoy, the press service of Russian Copper Company, of which Uralgidromed is a member, reports.

‘The clean-up day was organized by Enviro-Chemie GmbH and the Association of Environmentally Responsible Enterprises. In Polevskoy, these were Uralgidromed and Polevskaya Communal Company. The city residents and enterprises employees picked up and took away over seven trucks full of rubbish combed along the shore of the pond. The local schoolchildren were particularly active – they both cleaned up the waste AND took part in the Best Environmental Poster Competition. They made the posters themselves during their art webinars coordinated by Russian Copper Company,’ the press release says.

Uralgidromed’s Chief Energy Expert Sergey Yuferov, who took part in the event, pointed out that this pond is a recreation area for his children and grandchildren as well as his own self.

‘We decided to come here and help our town. This is our land, this is where we live,’ he said.

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