STK is owed 2.491bn RUR by customers

28 August 2013 (09:21)

August 28, 2013. As of June 30, 2013, customers currently owe Sverdlovsk Heat Supplying Company (STK) 2.941bn RUR.

The company’s press service reports most of these (2.116bn RUR) debts are the ones by management companies and communal housing services departments. State-run organizations owe STK 134m RUR (with 64m RUR worth of debts from the Defense Ministry). 225m RUR is in the form of overdue debts and the debts of insolvent companies.

Among the long-time non-payers are SUERZH-SK (31m RUR), Verkh-Isetskaya Management Company (202m RUR), StroyTerra (23.9m RUR). Dom Service (21m RUR), Zheleznodorozhniy District REMP (27.5m RUR), and Oktyabrsky District Management Company (114m RUR).

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