Companies owe energy supplier over 970 million RUR

11 August 2009 (10:30)

The regional communal housing services sector’s debts to Sverdlovenergosbyt had exceeded 970 million RUR by August 1, 2009. Nizhniy Tagil, with its 67 million RUR worth of debts, Pervouralsk, with its 50 million RUR worth of debts, Artemovskiy (owing the energy supplier over 49 million RUR), Tavda (whose debt comes to nearly 47 million RUR), and Kamensk-Uralskiy, with its 37 million RUR worth of debts, are the supplier’s most worrying debtors.

The company explains most communal housing services organizations fail to pay due to badly balanced housing fees: over the last few years, the fees have been rising on the index-linked basis rather than in accordance with the enterprise’s actual spending. Then, the end users themselves are increasingly unable to pay the housing bills. Finally, the enterprises are losing a lot of money through using worn-out electric mains and bad and unconscientious management.

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