UBRD’s New Style Liked by Most Customers

October 18 The Ural Bank for Reconstruction & Development’s new company style and logo meet the purposes of the re-branding campaign that was launched on October 1, the bank’s customers feel. The research conducted on October 3-11 involved 146 respondents who stopped by the new branch opened at 55 Malyshev St, the bank’s press office reports.

The respondents were asked to evaluate the bank along the following criteria: professionalism, technological aptitude, transparency, and quality of service. Those surveyed also voiced their opinion of the UBRD’s new image.

95% of respondents feel that the new company style presents the UBRD as an up-to-date bank. 91% of those surveyed also said the bank was ‘friendly’, 82% said it was ‘professional’. 74% of respondents are positive that the UBRD is an intensively developing bank with a proactive position; only 4% feel differently about this. Also, 73% think that the UBRD is a customer-oriented bank.

As for just how appealing the elements of the bank’s new image are, 89% of presented company colors said they liked them. 67.8% found the new logo appealing; 67% and 68% of respondents were satisfied with the signs and the door plate, respectively.

The customers were also asked to assess the quality of service at the branch on the day of the opening. 70% of respondents gave it five out of five, 23% of those who took part in the survey gave it four out of five. In their responses, customers said they now saw the UBRD as ‘the bank of the future’; they also spoke about the good quality service, advanced nature of business, and the comfortable conditions of the new branch.

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