VUZ-Bank: Life Group’s e-banking customers double in number since January 1

5 July 2013 (12:59)

July 5, 2013. Remote payment services keep ‘luring’ customers away from the brick-and-mortar branches. Being aware of the fact that one can now handle all of the bank transactions via one’s phone and computer motivated users to switch to e-banking en masse, VUZ-Bank’s website states.

The increase in the number of e-banking and m-banking users was not left unheeded by VUZ-Bank, which offers customers its e-Life and Life-Mobile services – a common resource for all the member banks of Life Financial Group. An e-banking option is now automatically included in the package when a customer gets a plastic card issued under any of Life Group’s rate options; the account administration fee covers the cost of accessing the e-services.

As of early June 2013, over 38,000 customers have already discovered the beauty of e-banking offered by Life Financial Group. This figure is actually twice as large as what the company had at the beginning of the year.

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