Life Group's VUZ-Bank's m-banking rated as one of best iPhone apps

29 July 2013 (09:59)

July 29, 2013. Markswebb Rank & Report, an analytics agency, did a research on the efficiency of m-banking services offered to private individuals; the result was the Mobile Banking Rank 2013. Life Financial Group's m-banking was rated as the 11th best iPhone application and 19th best Android app, VUZ-Bank's press service reports.

There are 29 banks in the rating that offer their customers iPhone apps and 28 banks that offer applications for Android.

The criterion against which the quality of mobile apps was assessed was just how fully the customers' needs were satisfied.

Now Life Financial Group's Life-Mobile by VUZ-BAnk makes it possible to check one's account balances, top up one's mobile phone account, pay Internet, TV, and other bills, transfer money from one bank account into another, perform currency exchange operations online, and locate an ATM nearest to you around the whole of Russia.

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