VUZ Bank opens financial literacy school

9 September 2014 (09:28)

September 9, 2014. VUZ Bank is conducting a financial literacy campaign in all of its branches. In Yekaterinburg, workshops can be attended at any of the eleven branches the bank operates in the city on any Thursday. The lecture starts at 6:30 PM, the bank’s press service says.

In addition to obtaining valuable theoretical knowledge, the workshop attendants can also get practical advice on savings, personal financial planning, and the best banking solutions from the bank’s experts.

‘You don’t have to be the bank’s customer in order to attend our School for Financial Literacy. Anyone can spend a useful evening at our branches. Our outlets are open for everyone who’d like to learn something new, save efficiently and spend cleverly, and use modern banking services. Our School for Financial Literacy Project is part of our overall development strategy,’ says VUZ Bank Sales & Customer Service Director Olga Bondarenko.

VUZ Bank has for a long time supported and set up various projects aimed at improving the financial literacy of locals in the areas where the bank operates. Personal financial advice is actually at the core of VUZ Bank’s customer service package. Every customer at the bank gets a personal manager, that is, a VUZ Bank employee who helps the customer get all the things sorted out in one and the same place, offers advice and training, and finds customized financial solutions that best respond to a particular situation in the customer’s life.

Starting from 2014, VUZ Bank (Life Financial Group) has taken this customer approach even further and moved on to the Customer Club format. Every Club member is serviced at the bank by a certified financial advisor who is an expert in personal financial planning and budgeting and can both help the customer select classical banking products and analyze their spending and earnings routines as well as devise a target chart and a savings plan for them. The Customer Club is also valuable in that the club members can take part in workshops and seminars that are conducted by the bank’s experts and Life Financial Group’s partners.

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