VUZ-Bank launches new package offers for corporates

3 September 2013 (09:24)

September 3, 2013. VUZ-Bank (a member of Life Financial Group) offered new package plans to its corporates to make the enterprises’ settlement transactions even less costly.

The bank’s press service reports that the package comprises the most popular cash and settlement transaction services. A customer can now save money and plan all expenses in advance. It’s cheaper to buy services in a package rather than pay for each one separately: a fixed monthly price means a whole range of different services and a 25% discount.

These package offers contain a certain number of payment transactions (both paper and electronic ones) depending on the customers’ needs, as well as the call center services and mobile alerts. All the package offers provide for a free of charge topping up of an account with cash, and some offers contain an option on withdrawing a certain amount of cash at no charge. Depending on how active a customer is in terms of payment transactions, on how much cash this company needs, and on what time the payments are made (the Internet-Client service can be used until 10 PM local time), the customer can settle for the best package offer.

‘A customer pays for the set of services once a month, which means the company’s expenses relating to banking services can be planned in advance,’ says VUZ-Bank’s Special Projects for SMEs Design & Launch Director Tatiana Stytsyuk.

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