VUZ-Bank comes up with iPhone app

20 December 2011 (09:36)

As a member of Life Financial Group, VUZ-Bank came up with a special iPhone application called Life Banking.

The bank made this gift of the new remote banking services to its customers as iPhone 4S is hitting the Russian market: on the night between December 15 and December 16, the official sales of Apple smartphones began in Russia.

‘We strive to offer our customers handy solutions and modern financial tools that make life easier, increase one’s confidence, and become a part of one’s image. Our experts, who were guided by the ‘fashionable/hi tech’ rule, created a clear and convenient application that one can use to keep tracks of one’s accounts, credit cards, loans, and deposits online as well as to locate the ATM or a bank outlet nearest to them, and much else besides,’ says VUZ-Bank’s Retail Sales Director Nadezhda Padurina.

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