Over 26,000 Sverdlovsk Region Residents Can’t Travel Abroad Because of Debts

6 September 2012 (09:34)

Over 26,000 people living in Sverdlovsk Region will be unable to travel abroad because of their debts. This coercive measure (a temporary limitation on leaving the country) has been applied to 26,276 debtors who owe their creditors 15,436,646,000 RUR altogether, Sverdlovsk Region division of Russia’s Court Bailiffs Service’s press office reports.

In August, 2,914 people were added to the list of ‘non-travelers’ based in Sverdlovsk Region. It has been reported that 5,191 locals did not pay the alimony (936,809,000 RUR in total), while 35 debtors were coerced into paying off 5.777m RUR worth of maintenance money and 794 debtors paid following the execution proceedings (a total of 132.79m RUR).

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