ChTPZ trains workers for Future of White Metallurgy

4 June 2013 (09:26)

June 4, 2013. ChTPZ Group Education Center and Pervouralsk Metallurgical College are now enrolling students for their joint cadre training the Future of White Metallurgy program. All school-leavers with complete general secondary or vocational secondary education from all parts of Russia are eligible to apply. Within three years, they will acquire at list four blue-collar qualifications, and the best students will be offered jobs at ChTPZ Group’s innovational production facility, the enterprise’s press service says.

This year, students are enrolled for the following qualifications: metal treatment under pressure, metal studies and thermal treatment of metals, operation and maintenance of electric and mechano-electric equipment, repair and maintenance electrician, welder, and car mechanic. The students who get only Bs and As will be offered an additional student allowance. Pervouralsk Metallurgical College’s program offers English classes as well as studying a range of humanities. What’s more, students’ meals will be paid for by the college, and all of them will be provided daily with the comfortable uniform (white coats for working in the labs and yellow-orange overalls for practice). Since 2012, all of the Future of White Metallurgy drafting age graduates are sent to serve their term in the army at one and the same division located in the village of Gorny Shchit, Sverdlovsk Region.

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