Class of 2017 Gets Future of White Metallurgy Certificates

29 June 2017 (13:18)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, June 29, 2017. 96 students on ChTPZ Group’s Future of White Metallurgy Corporate Training Program received their secondary vocational education certificates this summer, the company press service reports.

Five students graduated with highest honors and twenty-eight with honors.

The students on the program mastered Industrial Equipment Assembly & Maintenance, Electric Equipment Maintenance, General Metallurgy & Thermal Treatment of Metals, Metal Treatment Under Pressure, and Machine-Building Technologies.

The program’s best alumni are already employed at the Group’s member enterprises. The company also covers its workers’ tuition fees if they choose to combine work with getting a college degree at the Ural Federal University’s subsidiary located right at the Group’s Training Center.

‘The Future of White Metallurgy Program alumni are already highly skilled professionals. The dual education system, where 40% of time is dedicated to studies and 60% to practice, means students on the program can get actual experience working with up-to-date metallurgical equipment and master several different blue-collar jobs at once,’ says the Group’s HR Director Svetlana Kuzminykh.

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