SinTZ Completes Assembly of Non-Destructive Hot-Rolled Pipes Control Line

9 April 2013 (09:32)

April 9, 2013. The assembly of a new, multi-purpose non-destructive control line for hot-rolled pipes was completed at SinTZ’s OCTG department known as T-4. Now Sinara Pipe Plant (SinTZ) is a member of Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK), and the news was reported by TMK press service.

The non-destructive control units meant for checking the ends of weldless pipes were assembled with help from the engineers employed with the Swedish company MAC. The installation supervision of the mechanical units meant for delivering the pipes onto the line was completed by the representatives of the Swedish company Prestar. Also, the pneumatic and power systems have already been installed, as have the mechanical components; the automation and computer systems are now being launched as well. The startup and commissioning is to begin very soon, with a series of warranty tests scheduled for April.

The launch of the new line will mean that an immersion method can be used to detect the longitudinal and lateral defects along both the inner and the outer diameters of the pipe, to control the wall width and metal fractionation, and fully to scan the ends of pipes that are 200mm long.

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