Sinara Pipe Plant Gets Ready to Produce Insulated Lift Pipes

3 December 2012 (09:33)

December 3, 2012. Sinara Pipe Plant (SinTZ), a member of Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK), started mastering the technological know-how and the manufacturing of a pilot batch of insulated lift pipes (Type 13 Cr, super-chrome). This type of steel is particularly resistant to aggressive environmental condensations and is highly corrosion-resistant.

Insulated lift pipes can be used as the upper section of the oil-well tubing in the Polar North regions. These pipes’ primary competitive advantage is its special design that prevents the thawing of the permafrost around the oil well. SinTZ is Russia’s only enterprise that produces insulated lift pipes on a commercial scale.

Making insulated lift pipes out of 13Cr steel is both time- and effort-consuming. The thermal treatment technology that is used to ensure the required mechanical properties of the pipe metal has to be implemented within a double cycle, with some air cooling. Before they get assembled, the pipes are also given some mechanical treatment, followed by cinder removal and cleaning.

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