SinTZ Completes Overhaul of Drill Pipe Production Line

3 April 2013 (09:15)

April 3, 2013. The overhaul of a drill pipe production line at Pipe-Rolling Shop 2 has been successfully completed at Sinara Pipe Plant (SinTZ, a member of Pipe Metallurgical Company), the company’s press service reports.

Some multi-faceted repair jobs aimed at restoring the technological characteristics of the equipment have been completed within two weeks. The scheduled and preventive repairs were combined with the upgrade of the welding line, which will make it possible for the company to make pipes with longer lock parts. The installation of the ultrasound control unit for testing the quality of seams was yet another part of the overhaul.

The capital repairs also included the finishing off of parts of nodes and lock components, replacement of bending press parts, building new floors, and painting the control panels and the machinery. A new unit replaced the obsolete ultrasound testing equipment. This new machinery will allow the company to detect all the faults on the inner and outer surface of the pipe. Finally, the work on launching some punch markers began at the drilling department.

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