AVS Avtotrans Violates Workers’ Rights

4 March 2013 (09:20)

March 04, 2013. Some violations of the existing labor law were detected in the performance of AVS Avtotrans, Sverdlovsk Region division of State Labor Inspectorate reports.

The company, as it turns out, did not carry out any workplace certification procedure and did not train its employees in the field of work safety, Sverdlovsk Region division of State Labor Inspectorate’s website states.

It is also announced that at the time of their vacations, the employees were not promptly informed about the date the vacation started, and the vacation money was not paid in due time. What is more, AVS Avtotrans does not have the special list of jobs and positions that have to be filled by Electrical Safety Class I personnel.

Following the inspection, AVS Avtotrans’s Director-General was ordered to eliminate these violations. He also had to face administrative liability, with charges described as ‘violating the labor and job safety legislation’.

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