Labor Safety Rules Violated at Beloyarskaya Nuclear Plant

20 January 2012 (11:06)

The director of Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Plant Construction Management was ordered by Sverdlovsk Region division of State Labor Inspectorate to eliminate the violations detected in the course of a scheduled inspection.

It was revealed in the course of this scheduled, multi-faceted inspection of the company by a state labor inspector that twenty-five workplaces in the company are qualified as Class 3.1 for working conditions (namely, harmful working conditions), but the employer does not provide the workers with the benefits and compensations they are entitled to. Then, the company’s car drivers are allowed to work without undergoing medical checkups, while the technical condition of the vehicles is not controlled on a regular basis; what is more, there is no monthly schedule for the drivers’ shifts that would take their working hours into account. Finally, the labor protection experts at the company were never trained under special programs in terms of labor safety requirements. Besides, the enterprise has no files on the workers’ internships or local normative acts regarding their training in terms of labor protection requirements, and labor contracts are not written out and signed properly.

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