Machinery Halted at UMC due to Labor Code Violations

28 February 2013 (12:35)

February 28, 2013. It was detected that UMC violates the existing labor protection legislation, Sverdlovsk Region division of State Labor Inspectorate reports.

For one, the drilling machine was not fitted with any spindle-retracting mechanism, and the rough grinding machine had a clearing of more than 3 mm between the arm rest and the disc, while the eye-protecting screens and the block system were missing.

‘Due to the above facts, after the violations had been detected by the state labor inspector, a temporary ban was imposed on the operation of the said machines. No electric power is supplied to the machines at the moment, and they are not being used, either, even though all the deficiencies have been taken care of,’ the State Labor Inspectorate reports.

As a result, the judge decided to pronounce the company guilty of violating the labor and labor protection legislation (Article 5.27 (part 1) of the Administrative Offense Code). The punishment imposed on the company was this: a halt on UMC’s activity relating to the operation of the drilling machine and the rough grinding machine for 30 days.

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