SUBR Fired for Labor Law Offenses

20 June 2011 (09:24)

Following an inspection aimed at checking the company’s compliance with the existing labor law and industrial safety regulations during the underground development of mineral resources deposits, Sevuralboksitruda (SUBR) had to face administrative liability, namely, pay a 200,000-ruble fine. The inspection was carried out by the experts of Rostechnadzor (the state industrial and technological safety watchdog) and the State Labor Inspectorate.

It was revealed in the course of the inspection that the enterprise committed numerous violations of the existing labor protection laws as regards workers involved in the operation of electric units for the mining industries and as regards those involved in the development of mineral deposits and doing the shooting operations in the mines.

The public prosecutor of Severouralsk, Sverdlovsk Region, took legal action, claiming an administrative offense, with charges based on Article 9.1 (part 1) of the Russian Federation Administrative Offense Code (violation of the industrial safety regulations). After the prosecutor’s provision had been considered, Sevuralboksitruda had to face administrative liability and pay a large fine.

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