MMK-METIZ Launches Online Metal Goods Sales

February 13, 2013. Magnitogorsk Metal Goods Plant (MMK-METIZ, a part of MMK Group) started selling its rolled metal products via an online store.

The new service means that customers can now order the metal goods from the range of products available in stock at MMK-METIZ warehouse and don’t have to wait for the goods to be produced first. MMK-METIZ e-shop is mainly targeted at households and SMEs. MMK reports this offer brings obvious benefits to consumers, as they can now buy metal goods directly from the manufacturer. This naturally brings the price down, as intermediaries always charge for their own logistics and marketing expenses.

The new service is also advantageous for the metal goods producers as well. An online shop at means the manufacturer can get up-to-date and accurate information directly from the consumer, thus avoiding the possible misinterpretations from the wholesalers. What is more, the online store cuts down on the administrative expenses and on the amount of work the sales and the customer service department have to handle thanks to the self-service options (the customers place their orders within the system themselves). The online orders get processed at MMK-METIZ Wholesale & Retail Trade Center.

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