MMK METIZ: Production upgrade improves company’s market share

17 September 2013 (10:30)

September 17, 2013. The production upgrades at MMK METIZ improved the enterprise’s share of the market, MMK METIZ Deputy Director for Technical Upgrades & Prospective Development Nikolai Karavayev said at the 2nd All-Russian conference called Wire & Hardware 2013 in Orel.

The top manager of Magnitogorsk Metal Goods Plant (MMK METIZ) gave a speech on how the plant tries to preserve, expand, and upgrade its production capacity. According to Karavayev, the integration of Magnitogorsk metal goods and gauging plants into MMK Group and their merging in one enterprise called MMK METIZ in 2006 was an important step in the development of local metal goods industry. The merger laid the foundation for further development and improved the company’s market share. MMK and MMK METIZ’s cooperation results in better quality semi-finished rolled stock and metal goods that are comparable with their best-known international counterparts.

Karavayev said the company’s produce is now sold to over twenty foreign countries, yet the domestic market is still seen as the priority one for MMK METIZ, as its prices look more appealing, and there is a better growth potential that outstrips the median global price. In 2012, the company’s home market sales rose by 7% compared with 2011; its export sales increased by 22%. In the eight months of 2013, MMK METIZ sold more goods than in the eight months of 2012, which means the company chose the right strategy, the executive pointed out.

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