MMK-METIZ uses innovative technologies for new product types

May 15, 2015. MMK Group’s metal goods-making MMK-METIZ is mastering new and unique metal goods varieties with the help of innovative technologies, the company reports.

For one, the company now makes LB-52MK welding electrodes meant for manual arc welding of root welds, cap welds, and filling welds of metal frames and main pipes in the oil and gas sector, where the metal the welds are made from must be particularly viscose and moldable at both normal and low temperatures.

Additionally, MMK-METIZ mastered the production of OZL-6MK electrodes meant for manual arc welding of equipment that is used in oxidizing environments (up to 1,000 degrees centigrade), rolled sheets made of heat- and corrosion-resistant steels, and welding of carbonated and low-alloyed steels with high-alloyed austenite steels.

‘Mastering of new products reflects our efforts to meet our metal goods customers’ needs in full,’ says MMK-METIZ Director Oleg Shiryayev.

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