Beloyarsky, Revda to Become Sites for Industrial Parks

January 30, 2013. A meeting chaired by Sverdlovsk Region Prime Minister Denis Pasler was dedicated to the possibility of locating industrial parks in the towns of Beloyarsky, Revda, and Degtyarsk; it was also suggested that another site should be set up in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg next to Novosverdlovskaya Power Station, Sverdlovsk Region Government’s Press Service & Information Department reports.

‘It behooves us as the region’s government to create resident-friendly sites with good transport links and developed infrastructure,’ Denis Pasler said.

Mayor of Beloyarsky Alexander Privalov proposed three possible locations: around Bazhenovo train station (this 25-hectare spot could be used for an aircraft industry park; it is located right next to a high-pressure pipeline and a gas boiler plant; some companies have already announced they are willing to develop low-tonnage aircraft manufacturing); in the village of Kosulino (this could be used to put up a logistics center with a production area on the basis of Russian Railways’ nation-wide logistics centers project); and a 200-hectare allotment near Kamyshevo, where UMMC won a tender for the development of clay pits.

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