UVZ Logistic: Company to have 30,000 railway carriages by early 2014

November 18, 2013. At the moment, UVZ Logistic (a member of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) is operating more than 29,000 railway vehicles, including 21,000 items that are owned by the forwarder.

According to the corporation’s press officer, this freight forwarder operates 20,000 all-purpose gondola cars and more than 2,000 innovative railway carriages with increased axial loading. There are also 8,000 tanks. One big advantage of the company’s fleet of vehicles is the fact that the items are new: all of UVZ Logistic’s carriages and tanks are under 3 years old.

‘The company is moving confidently towards its strategic goal of becoming one of Russia’s top five railway forwarders and get a fleet of 60,000 items. UVZ Logistic is already the country’s Number 6 in terms of the total number of railway carriages it operates, and by early2014, the total number of our carriages will come to 30,000’ the press officer says.

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