Sverdlovsk Region Water Supply Prices to Go Up 13% on July 1, 2013

3 December 2012 (09:34)

December 3, 2012. The participants of Sverdlovsk Region Economic Committee’s Board meeting looked at the prices for water supply, water discharge, and sewage water treatment services that the regional communal housing department will provide to the end users in 2013, Sverdlovsk Region Press Service & Information Department reports.

The rate that was introduced on September 1, 2012, will be used through July 1, 2013, that is, for ten months. Starting July 1, 2013, prices will go up within the range of the average rate growth set for Sverdlovsk Region by the Federal Tariffs Service, namely, by 13%.

It is reported that the prices have been calculated on the basis of data provided to the committee by the communal housing services companies based in the region’s cities and towns.

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