Sinara Pipe Plant Completes Assembly of Shot- and Sandblasting Machines

October 22 Sinara Pipe Plant (a member of Pipe Metallurgical Company, TMK) is about to complete the installation of shot-blasting and sandblasting machines. These jobs are implemented within the framework of the company’s investment project targeted at the construction of an insulated lift pipe production unit at the company’s Pipe-Drawing Shop 3, TMK’s press service reports.

These insulated lift pipes have enhanced heat-insulating characteristics and are peculiar in that they are actually assembled from two pipes, with the smaller one inserted in the larger one. The space between the two pipes is filled with insulation material to reduce heat loss and is vacuumized. These pipes can be used for developing oil and gas deposits located in the harshest climate conditions, for example, in the permafrost areas; they also prevent soil thawing around the well.

The shot-blasting and sandblasting machines are meant for cleaning the inner and outer surface of the pipes in the in-between space from cinder, rust, and other residue.

This pipe-cleaning technique is more hi tech and allows the workers to avoid using any harmful or dangerous substances that are common for the etching technique (treating pipe surface in acid tubs).

The equipment was supplied by Yekaterinburg-based OOO AOKS; Kamensk-Uralsky-based OOO Sinara Repair Center acted as the contractor for putting up the foundation and assembling the machines.

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