Transport Tax Payments to Sverdlovsk Region Budget Drop 3 Times

27 August 2012 (09:21)

In the seven months of 2012, transport tax payments decreased by 2.8 times, or by 1,683.8m RUR and came to 944m RUR in Sverdlovsk Region. These data are available from the report provided by Sverdlovsk Region division of Russia’s Federal Tax Service to the region’s Legislative Assembly deputies and uploaded on deputy Andrei Alshevskikh’s blog.

‘The decrease in the payments has to do with the changes in the tax legislation relating to the deadlines set for private individuals to pay their transport taxes,’ the tax authorities report.

Under the new version of the law, the Russian Federation constituencies cannot set the payment deadline for legal entities any time earlier than February 1 of the year following the previous taxation period, and the deadline for the advance payments cannot be set any time earlier than the last day of the month following the corresponding taxation period, that is, any time earlier than April 30, July 31, and October 31 of the corresponding year. Prior to January 1, 2010, no such limitations were set for the terms of making the advance payments in Article 363 (paragraph 1) of the Russian Federation Tax Code.

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