Sverdlovsk Region Businesses Pay 7% Less in Income Tax

8 October 2012 (09:32)

October 8, 2012. 155bn RUR were transferred to the Russian Federation budget from Sverdlovsk Region in the nine months of 2012; this is 11.3bn RUR more than in the nine months of 2011, Sverdlovsk Region division of the Federal Tax Service reports.

Federal budget payments amounted to 43.7bn RUR worth of taxes, which exceeds the figures for a year earlier by 2.1bn RUR, or 5%. The VAT payments reached 37.9bn RUR, which is 18% more than in January-September 2011.

Over the nine months of 2012, 3.2bn RUR worth of corporation tax was paid, which is 219.2m RUR, or 7% less than a year earlier. The decrease in the amount of corporation tax paid to the federal budget had to do with lower taxes off the incomes in the form of dividends obtained by some of the region’s major taxpayers. The region’s budget received 85.3bn RUR worth of tax and non-tax payments: the increase came to 8%, or 6bn RUR.

Most of the regional budget’s income came from corporation tax revenues (44%) and private income tax (33%). In January-September 2012, the former came to 37.2bn RUR (4%, or 1.4bn RUR more than a year earlier), the latter came to 28.2bn RUR (14% more than in January-September 2011).

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