Sverdlovsk Region Residents Owe over 30bn to Budget

23 October 2012 (09:55)

October 23, 2012. In the nine months of 2012, the amount of debt that is accounted for by Sverdlovsk Region tax inspectorates (including tax payments, fines, and tax penalties) went down by 2,241.1m RUR, or 7%, and came to 30,356.5m RUR on October 1, 2012. This figure includes 19,780.2m RUR (65%) of overdue tax payments (this is 480.9m RUR, or 2% lower than a year earlier) and 10,576.3m RUR (35%) of unpaid fines and tax penalties (this is 1,760.2m RUR, or 14%, lower than a year earlier), the press office of Sverdlovsk Region division of Russia’s Federal Tax Service reports.

Since the beginning of 2012, the local inspectorates have sent over 404,000 tax and levy payment reminders (the claims totaled to 21,427.2m RUR), including about 73,000 reminders to private individuals to pay property tax (this totaled to 207.6m RUR).

As a result of the tax inspectorates’ activity, 14,759.2m RUR worth of payments were made, including 7,514.7m RUR worth of tax payments prescribed by the Russian Federation Tax Code; 1,944.8m RUR came from accounting for over-payments; and 5,299.7m RUR were declared bad debts and written off (including 1,649.9m RUR worth of payments that were to have been made by private individuals).

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