MMK to invest over 150m RUR in personnel training in 2012

12 March 2012 (09:37)

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) came up with the training plans for its workers, managers, and experts in 2012.

Every year, the company issues orders on training MMK employees in various fields selected on the basis of educational needs analysis and applications submitted by the company departments. The training programs involve all of the company’s structural divisions and all employee categories.

According to MMK PR Department, a lot of attention is paid to professional training, re-training, and professional development of the company’s workers. The employees get trained and re-trained, acquire a new qualification, or upgrade their current skills through purpose-made programs and production/technical courses. All of the company’s newly hired workers must undergo the Quality Management System and Environmental Management System requirements training. Those employed within the structural divisions whose performance affects the quality of produce and which are subject to certification must undergo ISO/TU 16949 and STO Gazprom 9001 requirements training. All in all, 7,500 blue-collar employees at MMK will undergo training in 2012.

The company’s personnel policy also focuses on training managers and experts. In 2012, about 5,300 people will be involved in these programs. A special emphasis is made on the technological education of experts who work at the new, hi tech innovational production facilities. MMK keeps working on the development and implementation of multimedia teaching sets comprising trainer simulators of specific hi tech workplaces, which allows one to get practical skills of managing technological processes. Special attention is paid to training managers and reserve cadre, which is based on a multi-faceted approach and a multi-level training system ranging from new experts adjustment program to top managers training programs. MMK managers and their potential replacements are educated through specialized production, goods quality, equipment maintenance quality, and facilities repair management programs. Under MMK’s current quality and environmental management systems, employees responsible for the quality of produce and produce design will have to undergo training in accordance with the ISO/TU 16949 (the automobile industry suppliers’ standard) and STO Gazprom 9001 corporate standards requirements in 2012. 183 managers and experts are to attend this program. All in all, the enterprise will train some 13,000 people this year.

In 2012, MMK will invest over 150m RUR in employee training.

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