Yekaterinburg Duma Sets Up District Akademicheskiy Committee

18 March 2020 (09:15)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, March 18, 2020. An ad hoc committee has been set up under Yekaterinburg Duma to handle the technicalities of creating District Akademicheskiy, the city’s eighth administrative district.

The work group will be chaired by Director-General at Akademicheskiy Management Company Nikolai Smirnyagin. Duma deputies Anastasia Nemets, Ira Ovchinnikova, Elena Deryagina, and Sergey Voronin are on the committee as well, says Chair of Yekaterinburg Duma Igor Volodin.

Now Yekaterinburg Duma decided in December 2019 that Yekaterinburg should get its eighth administrative district in the city’s District Akademicheskiy; Sverdlovsk Region Legislative Assembly promptly adopted the respective bill at the end of the year as well.

‘District Akademicheskiy’s population increases by 7,000+ people every year. In a few years, this will amount to a medium-sized town. An area as large as this needs a single control center, which is necessary in both urban planning and social welfare terms,’ says Director-General at the developing company RSG-Akademicheskoye Viktor Krivoshein.

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